Thursday, 22 December 2011

When it's Twilight

Had written this one almost 20 years ago! But it has always been one of my favourites so am sharing it here. :)

When it’s Twilight

Yet another sunset, light on darkness does verge
When dreams and reality begin to merge
figures turn into silhouettes, the world seems ethereal
the most fervent dreams suddenly seem so real

From depths of loneliness emerges hope
With life’s ups and downs, one day I too shall cope
I too shall walk down its rugged path, hand in hand
Our joys doubled, we’ll endure ice and sand

Entwined our hearts and divided our sorrows
We’ll make happy our today and secure our tomorrows,
My soul shall rejoice, just being with you
We’ll dance to life’s rhythm flooded with bliss anew

The light fades, darkness descends
The spell is broken, my reverie ends
The silhouettes vanish, the reality is stark
Gone is that magic twilight hour when it’s neither light nor dark

Monday, 12 December 2011

Loom of Dreams

It was a dream delicately woven;
Fine threads of silk intricately spun,
Embroidered with hope that made it brighten;
Vibrant hues all blending into one.

Under loving care the cherished dream did thrive.
Soon it was time for it to succeed;
But to achieve itself the lovely dream had to strive,
The world too busy to pay any heed.

Losing its freshness it fast faded;
Unable to resist life’s forces inevitable.
Once exuberant, now old and jaded,
To the arduous trials it had proved susceptible.

A dream nurtured so ardently,
Could it wither as easily?
As I wonder thus, I resume silently,
To spin one more, just as intricately.

The Human Paradox

While our own pride we value so;
For that of the others we little care;

While our own feelings we nurture so,
To those of the others we cause despair;

While we grant ourselves the need to be touched,
To others we forget to reach out;

While always trying to win their trust,
The others we can only doubt;

While ourselves in pursuit of freedom,
The others we hesitate not to confine;

While we profess religion,
We consider not the others a part of the divine;

While we assert justice and fair play,
Our deeds do us belie;

While we seek self preservation,
We little know we destroy ourselves with a lie!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I was strolling along one sunny morn,
Didn’t quite realize when she left me;
I kept walking on,
Not knowing she wasn’t following me.

In this world she would be but a misfit,
For she possessed the caprice of innocence;
Trust always by her side,
When the need of the hour was prudence.

She left as the fairy’s wand transformed me,
Robbed me rudely of my childhood;
Bewildered as I was, nothing could be a greater shock,
Not even the advent of adulthood.

It was only later that I realized,
That this journey through which must pass every human,
Robs humanity a wee bit of its sensitivity,
And the world a wee bit of its conscience.

And that has made all the difference!

The Unsettling Dilemma

One fine evening as we sat around,our spirits gay,
She came towards us, palms bowl-shaped, eyes accustomed to implore,
Though filled with anguish, yet determined, they seemed to say,
“A tiny morsel, a little coin, nothing more!”

Though the act devoid of dignity, she was a picture of pride.
I couldn’t but help marvel at this amazing paradox
Her clothes in shreds, her feet bare, still resolute eyed,
Her unflinching gaze, I didn’t have the heart to mock.

As I was about to give in, I was cut short
Engage in some productive work- to her was the unanimous advice.
Lazy means to easy money, we tolerate nothing of the sort.
Reason and Logic agreed, begging was a sinful vice.

But a part of me refused to agree, was it right to preach?
Aren’t there times we’re tempted to cheat, follow the shorter way?
Try all means to evade hard work, rules to always breach?
Yet we command the ship of life and she helplessly drifts away!

By some stroke of luck what I happen to possess, should I not share?
Though her act was wrong and t’would do her no good,
Were I in her shoes, of good and bad would I have been aware?
The unsettling dilemma I couldn’t resolve and I watched her as there she stubbornly stood!

Time to move on

Memories tug at my heart strings
Making me turn around,
But in my step, I must get back the spring
I mustn’t look back, lest I be forever bound.

It’s time to move on
Time to forget old dreams.

The past wells up in front of me,
Fleeting moments of laughter and of tears,
Of unfulfilled wishes that meant so much to me,
Of dreams too good to be true, of silent fears.

It’s time to move on
Time to make my life

As I bid adieu to my memories,
In their mesh I am still ensnared;
But the future beckons, me on its wings it carries,
To fly ahead I am now prepared.

It’s time to move on
Time to create new memories.