Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year Resolutions – A Trip Down Memory Lane

New Year Resolutions are made only to be broken – so suggests
my experience of more than three and a half decades. Yet every 31st,
most of us end up making one. It is perhaps the sheer exuberance of the
atmosphere and the spirit of the fresh New Year standing at our doorstep, which
infuses optimism into our already lightheaded (dare I say tipsy?) minds that we
decide to give ourselves one more chance towards self enhancement.
Before I take the “plunge” for the coming year, let me embark
on a journey back in time and reminisce some of my previous New Year
Resolutions and how long it was until they were abandoned.

The earliest resolution made by yours truly was as a determined ten year old sporting long waist length hair. My mother would lovingly oil and braid my hair in two plaits. I detested the oil but nothing would convince her otherwise. So I decided to take matters literally in my own hands by triumphantly announcing to mommy dear, one chilly New Year’s Eve that henceforth I would braid my own hair. She readily agreed, casting a very condescending look at me. My valiant, determined efforts continued for two whole days before the daily morning struggle cost me a missed school bus and a host of subsequent problems. Finally better (or worse) sense prevailed and mommy dear smiled knowingly as I reverted to my well oiled plaits!

My next resolution was as a just turned thirteen dreamy teenager. My parents had gifted me the book, ‘Diary of Anne Frank’ for my birthday. So swept off my feet was I by her, that I wanted to emulate her and thus sprang the resolution to maintain a diary. My crazy adolescent brains fantasised how one day my diary would win the Booker and make me famous. “Dream big! Nothing’s impossible – that’s what all great visionaries vouch for”, my dreamy mind told my even dreamier heart as I religiously poured out each day’s happenings and thoughts for as long as I could. As is inevitable, the dreaminess faded and gave way to practical reality and other worldly tensions (read studies) took much of my time and energies. Gradually the frequency of my diary writing diminished, much like all the exaggerated fantasies of ever bagging the Booker receded into the realm of impossibility.

There came many more after that, generated by an ever idealistic and optimistic mind – will never use plastic bags, will eat only healthy food and will keep mind and body fit by regular exercise and even meditation!! While the optimism continues, the resolutions have, sooner or later, met with the same fate as their predecessors.

Coming to the present, I certainly owe it to the spirit of the New Year and all that it symbolises, to make a fresh resolution. But this time it is on a different note. I am going to live each moment to the fullest, absorb as much positivity from each of my five senses and take the time to “stand and stare” at all the wonders that we have simply forgotten about in the daily grind and stress of everyday living. And last but the most important – I am going to pamper myself happily doing all the things I am fond of. And knowing full well the powerful cravings of my sweet tooth, I know this one is going to be for keeps!


  1. so beautifully reminds that in the "light headedness" and "exuberance" of New Year Eve i forgot to make any resolution (which obviously had to be broken after some time!!!)

  2. Beautifully written, Megs! Love reading your articles! .. Shruti.

    1. Thank you! A compliment from you feels wonderful!