Thursday, 22 December 2011

When it's Twilight

Had written this one almost 20 years ago! But it has always been one of my favourites so am sharing it here. :)

When it’s Twilight

Yet another sunset, light on darkness does verge
When dreams and reality begin to merge
figures turn into silhouettes, the world seems ethereal
the most fervent dreams suddenly seem so real

From depths of loneliness emerges hope
With life’s ups and downs, one day I too shall cope
I too shall walk down its rugged path, hand in hand
Our joys doubled, we’ll endure ice and sand

Entwined our hearts and divided our sorrows
We’ll make happy our today and secure our tomorrows,
My soul shall rejoice, just being with you
We’ll dance to life’s rhythm flooded with bliss anew

The light fades, darkness descends
The spell is broken, my reverie ends
The silhouettes vanish, the reality is stark
Gone is that magic twilight hour when it’s neither light nor dark

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