Monday, 14 October 2013

A Birthday Poem for my nine year old daughter - Anubha

The sweetest little sweetheart, a gift from the heavens above

You've filled our world with warmth, laughter and so much love.

With twinkling eyes, a naughty smile and a heart of gold

A mind brimming with innocence and goodness added a million fold

Your unending chatter we just can’t do without

A cute little imp that's what you're all about

Keep smiling, keep shining, always be the loving girl you are

Your twinkling eyes and golden heart all set to take you ahead by far

May your every wish be granted, may you learn to fly,

Spread your wings, reach out for the stars in the sky.

Be kind and good, true to yourself and you'll stand proud and tall

But for us you'll always be our pretty moonbeam, our little doll.

Here's wishing you a fun filled birthday and happy times ahead

May God bless you forever and joy and cheer follow wherever you tread!

Written on 1 Dec' 2012