Thursday, 7 November 2013

In Our Hearts We'll Cherish You Forever

This poem is in memory of the 18 precious lives that were tragically lost in a terrible explosion on INS Sindhurakshak, making this the Indian Navy's worst ever peace time disaster. It is my humble tribute to the gallant "Sindhurakshaks" and my way of reaching out to the bereaved families and trying to share their pain.

The mood was upbeat as the country prepared to celebrate
The legacy of freedom won by our martyrs great,
But here were our very own heroes, rising silently to the call of duty
An embodiment of service before self, giving their all - truly and completely!
Unaware of what they were leaving behind forever
Nothing to deter them from their noble endeavour

Young and brave, ready to take on the world,
spurred by dreams that life was yet to unfurl,
Their hearts warmed by precious bonds – of love, home and family
Memories of beautiful moments stowed away safely,
To conjure again later, in times of solitude;
From them to draw the courage to bear all hardships with fortitude.

A cruel twist of fate in the dead of night
Tragedy struck and life succumbed to its ruthless might
In the blink of an eye it snatched those the nation held most dear,
Gallant young men, promising, proud and sincere.
Stricken with grief, an entire country plunged into despair,
Unable to fathom how destiny could play so unfair.

Today we stand depleted, as the void can never be filled
Your sacrifice never to be forgotten, your bravery in our souls instilled.
You live on, inspiring us, uniting us, strengthening our resolve anew
As we stand guard to protect our motherland, your dedication we salute
And to an inconsolable nation, we make a pledge of honour -
In our hearts we’ll cherish you forever, in vain shall never go your valour!

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